A Life In Cars

The life story of Dickie Sutherland


Donald Campbell’s Bluebird

The course was never fully dry, but under pressure, Campbell was forced to make the best of it. In July he put in some speeds which approached the record. On 17 July, taking advantage of a break in the weather , he made 2 courageous attempts on a shortened, damp course, posting 403.10 mph.

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Singer 9

Singer 9 Tourer  (1948) Mid-1963 I bought my first car. Yes a Singer 9 tourer, the Black Knight. How very exciting a sports car, my car,

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Heading Off To Trade School

Trade School, what an experiance, the Teachers were Tradesmen, good at there trade, use to telling apprentices what to do, no questions asked but filled with interesting stories of work, life and cars. The students, were fliied with the excitemt of there first job, a whole new schooling expeiance and Cars, and the very real entry into the adult world.

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Learning to drive

There were many lessons changing gears, clutch in, clutch out, now try double the clutch, and, do not, look at the gear shift, keep your eyes
on the road. Could I ever get this sequence to flow, to work, well in time I sort of got there?

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