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Donald Campbell’s Bluebird

The course was never fully dry, but under pressure, Campbell was forced to make the best of it. In July he put in some speeds which approached the record. On 17 July, taking advantage of a break in the weather , he made 2 courageous attempts on a shortened, damp course, posting 403.10 mph.

The Bluebird came to town in July 1964 during a World speed record attempt at Lake Eyre salt. How exciting, the fastest car in the world, a must-see for young car-mad lads.

Kevin and I drove into town in Dad’s FB to look at the Bluebird parked on the Torrens Parade ground on Friday night.

Anyways the Bluebird looked great.

Motor car racing – record attempts by land speed record-breaking car ‘Bluebird’ driven by Donald Campbell. Campbell parades his car past crowds as he departs Adelaide Town Hall, 25 July 1964, after setting land speed record on Lake Eyre. (Pic by staff photographer Dick Joyner) Picture: Advertiser Library
Donald Campbell driving down Kind William Street in the Bluebird, woosh!

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