A Life In Cars

The life story of Dickie Sutherland


Car of influence

Family cars that influenced the need to drive.

Austin A40 sedan 1950

An early driving experience.  St Phillips Tennis Club.  I was about 14 years old, playing Tennis for St Phillips, for our away matches we ride our bikes to the other Club’s courts. This one time we were at the Kilburn Club, our senior boys Bob with his mate Chisel, arrived there in Bob’s family car, an Austin A40 sedan. 

Austin A40, family car

With a bit of coaching from my teammates, we got into the car, turned the ignition key, depressed the clutch, selected a gear and we shifted the car to the next parking spot, all followed up with a few choice words from Bob and his mate Chisel.

Mercedes Benz Saloon

Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz. 

No! However! Dian my girlfriend had offered to pick me up on the way to her classmate’s party.   First time ever I was collected in a Mercedes Benz and chauffeured away by Dian’s Dad.  The next day my brother Donald told me how impressed he was with our ride, telling me all about the prestige of the Mercedes Benz.

German engineering prestige

With my expressed delight in being driven in a Mercedes, Dian related the story of how her Dad decided to buy the Mercedes Benz.  He considered the Mercedes or the exciting new Valiant S series. 

I couldn’t see the difficulty in choosing, a Mercedes Benz even to a 16 year old, German prestige was the only way to go, prestige over American bling anytime. 

American bling in the form of a Valiant S series

Dian’s Dad had a responsible managerial job, the Mercedes was the car for the Job. 

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