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The life story of Dickie Sutherland


Singer 9 Tourer  (1948)

Mid-1963 I bought my first car. Yes a Singer 9 tourer, the Black Knight. How very exciting a sports car, my car, a Singer 9. Yes

The car not running when my brother and I went for a look, however, I offered all I had to save £30 to the car yard, which included delivery, sold, and I bought a car.  A point to ponder, would they drive it to our place, one would believe so. 

I was Excited with a capital ‘E’, my own car, a Singer 9 sports car, I wanted to share my enthusiasm with my friends. 

The first time I slid open the shed door to reveal this Black knight to the girlfriend Natalie, my mate Kevin with his girl, the comment I heard from Natalie went a bit like this.

 “What do you think The Black Knight?” I said, “looks like a B O M B” she said

Talk about deflating a bloke’s ego.  How does a bloke answer that, how does he feel, his Singer 9 sports car, the legendary car of my Dad’s, the car that I had worked out how to use the chrome plated letters off the International truck to spell out her name, NATALIE, to fit under the rear panel for all to see?  To see his pride in his girl and his car. 

Deflated, a man crushed his emotional demise. Well, what was I to do?

I always had a liking for pulling things apart and then rebuilding them, so what was I to do, how about, I invite a couple of mates to pull the Singer apart, and see what’s what. 

Sounds like a great Saturday afternoon to me.  Kevin, Harry and I set about dismantling, right down to the running chassis.  What a day of fun, starting with a car, then in no time bits everywhere.  Piles of bits, hmmmm.

Harry and me Jacking.
Kevin Checking
Look what we have done in an afternoon

All it took was an afternoon of fun.

Now, where to start? Dad’s friend Colin a Singer man and number 1 mechanic would do the engine and steering box up. Ok, send those bits to Colin. Also, Dad knows a man who could cut new timbers for the rotted prices, another area sorted. I’ll start cleaning and painting bits ready for reassembly!

Stay tuned for updates on progress.

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