A Life In Cars

The life story of Dickie Sutherland


1963 High School mates

Early driving

Best friends Jeff, Kevin and I, would borrow a car and head out on the weekends to the beach during the day and to a local dance or party Saturday nights. Jeff left school and started work in February 1963. Learned to drive in his father’s FX Holden sedan. Jeff worked in the city and used public transport to and from work. In his leisure time, he liked surfing, a relatively new but very popular beach activity. Surfing introduced him to the Surf Life Saving Club. His need for a car, transport with freedom of movement the VW beetle was his preferred choice.

Kevin was a year younger, stayed at school for another 2 years completing his Leaving Certificate, driving was not an issue. Upon leaving school and starting an apprenticeship in Fitting and Turning, in time his need for a car to go surfing he bought through his father’s Car dealership a late model Holden HR Station Wagon

Kevin, (sitting with his wife near Jeff’s VW), after leaving school became a keen surfer, Jeff’s car was a VW Beatle, Kevin opted for a Holden HR Station Sedan.

Note the store-bought Surf rakes, and homemade racks in the background.

The days of riding our Bikes to and from everywhere became a thing of the past when we had our license to drive and a car of our own.

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