A Life In Cars

The life story of Dickie Sutherland

As it sat in Strathalbyn during inspection
The time had come for a second car and it was going to be another rotary or nothing.
Finding the Prado to big around town, Jenna and I decided to downsize to a sport wagon that would satisfy all needs.
Returning to Australia was a great chance to take some long service leave & travel around Australia, while we waiting for our stuff to return from Norway.
Whilst living in Norway, Jenna and I were lucky enough to have a brand new Audi A3 hatch back - left hand drive.
Soon after selling the HR Holden, Nic found that the cash was burning a hole in his pocket and his dream car came up for sale.
After the wedding in 2016, Jenna and I were seriously considering a move overseas and after much debate, the HR Holden was for sale.
One of my good mates was due to get married and the HR was to be his wedding car.
The TR8 allowed me to combine my interest in ‘pulling things apart’, restoration and rebuilding, and my dream of owning a car for pure V8 driving pleasure.
One of the perks of working at Adciv with my cousin Grant, was the company car - a brand new Hilux
In the early 2000's Dad had finally managed to restore the tailgate on the HR and you could say it was now a show quality car.
As the Lancer started to show its age, The Bank of Mum & Dad helped me order a brand new Astra - the practical choice for a young professional.
My first brand new car. Well, our first new car. A top of the range Holden Astra.
In 1999 Carolyn’s mother, Valma, had reached an age when she no longer wished to drive and she decided to gift her 1985 Mitsubishi Sigma to my son, Nicholas.
For a brief period, Nicholas and I enjoyed a father and son project car. This was an opportunity for both of us to have a Triumph!
The Camira was still hanging-in there at about this time, when suddenly Donald and Jacqui offered us their Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 5 door hatch back.
Triumph TR4A a sports car ahead of the time. An excitement machine, Italian lines, Britsh pucker, for all time.
A change is as good as a holiday. Panel beating to Spray Painting. And a back to school for upskilling.