A Life In Cars

The life story of Dickie Sutherland

Long before I was born, my brother and sister had a brand new pedal car.
A second-hand Austin 7 was our first family car, however, Dad soon realised it didn't cut the mustard.
Next came the 'soft top' Singer 9 Ute that had loads of space for carrying stuff.
The earliest photos of me show an old-style tricycle I enjoyed, along with a much-loved pedal car.
Our family had two proper Soap Box Racers stored in the back yard. An older pre-war dark blue "heavy car" and a white, lighter construction developed later.
A potted history of Cars new and used available after World War 2 While by 1939 around one in four South Australian families had a car – now likely to be a sedan rather than the canvas-roofed tourer of previous decades – the Great Depression
1954 The Redex Reliability Trial attracted huge crowds leading to traffic jams in the streets of Norwood. Competitors’ cars were parked on the playing surface of Norwood. I have a memory of being amongst the car at he Norwood oval, along with listening to report
Like most young boys, I had a collection of toy cars. Many of which I still have today.
Rowley Park the Place where Champions Gather I was twelve my best friends Bobby was right into racing cars especially Speedway Sprint cars.
Family cars of the Pontiac variety, the enjoyment children got from them.
The Singer SM Saloon a family car with a tow bar fitted to pull the "work" trailer during the week.
At 16, my brother Donald had his drivers licence and his first job. And the cheapest second hand cars at the time were 4 door tourers. Enter the Clyno...!
The car influenced leisure time by permitting South Australians to participate in more leisure activities, new activities such as Surfing, Car Trials, with more activities to do than previous generations. This was reflected by the steady decline in attendance at major football and cricket fixtures
I remember racing in a spectacular Soap Box event at Victor Harbour. It seemed like there were hundreds of Soapbox Racers attending, of all types and styles.
This was the coolest looking ‘race car’ ever seen by a young boy and a group of emerging car enthusiasts.
Family cars that influenced the need to drive.
Australia’s first successfully mass produced car. For a low cost, four door, six-passenger family car, with excellent performance and comfortably accommodated 2 adults and 3 or 4 children on two bench seats.
There were many lessons changing gears, clutch in, clutch out, now try double the clutch, and, do not, look at the gear shift, keep your eyes on the road. Could I ever get this sequence to flow, to work, well in time I sort of