A Life In Cars

The life story of Dickie Sutherland

A Life In Cars

This is the life story of Richard “Dickie” Sutherland, a Baby Boomer growing up in Adelaide, South Australia during the golden era of the motor car.

His memoirs are told using the small stories of the many cars that accompanied him throughout the decades.

And as the years roll on, his story starts to include the car stories of his son Nicholas.

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ManMachine and Minder KB
Triumph TR4A a sports car ahead of the time. An excitement machine, Italian lines, Britsh pucker, for all time.


MGA MKII British sports car
Returning to Australia was a great chance to take some long service leave & travel around Australia, while we waiting for our stuff to return from Norway.
A potted history of Cars new and used available after World War 2 While by 1939 around one in four South Australian families had a car – now likely to be a sedan rather than the canvas-roofed tourer of previous decades – the Great Depression
After the wedding in 2016, Jenna and I were seriously considering a move overseas and after much debate, the HR Holden was for sale.
Whilst living in Norway, Jenna and I were lucky enough to have a brand new Audi A3 hatch back - left hand drive.

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About A Life In Cars

Cars have been a strong and influential theme running throughout my life. They have not been my whole life as such, but they have been a central focus.

They have also been a centre point for my working life and hundreds of adventures along the way.  Cars have influenced my thinking, my interests, my career and my family life.

So yes!

You could definitely say that “I’m a car guy.”

And thus, cars are the common thread that binds my life’s story together. A Life In Cars is my life story recounted using all my car stories as the central theme of the story.

I describe the experiences, the people and the places along the way. The cars I owned, the cars I experienced, the cars that ‘should have been,’ and the notable car-related moments in my life.

I hope you enjoy the stories and I hope that my story might help you rediscover old memories and emotional ties, just like I have during the process of writing them all down.

You are also welcome to leave a comment below each story, as a way to extend my story or as a place to share your tales.

Me and a radio controlled car that I raced during the late 70's and early 80's.