A Life In Cars

The life story of Dickie Sutherland

Dad driving, Mum on the left, Barbara in the middle and Donald in the back. I guess the boys were wondering how they all would fit in?


Singer 9 Ute

Next came the 'soft top' Singer 9 Ute that had loads of space for carrying stuff.

Dad’s Singer 9 utility was the family car and a work utility. It was a car for all seasons, used for carting and carrying for the family dairy.

Singer 9’s were legendary cars when I was growing up. Dad had a great fondness for Singers and from an early age, my brother Donald had instilled that legend in my psyche. 

They were reliable and economical, with power to burn. 

The ute served Dad well carting hay for the cows. It would come from Islington, up Irish Harp Hill to home. And of course, it was used for milk deliveries and served as the family car.

I wonder where we all sat….

Singer 9 Ute, by Steve Carter from Ballarat

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