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Ford Customline

The Ford a versitile Luxery sedan, surf chser, mussel car of 1954

Ford Customline 1954

Ian’s very nice Ford Customline, one owner, pristine condition.  Flat head V8, 2-speed auto, Vee eight power.  Ian spent an enormous sum on a new you beaut Transistor radio.  The latest technology, replacing Valve radios.  Am stations only, push button selection.  So cool, no, no cassette, no, no CD, USB, or Bluetooth; whot!!!.  Gathering the boys around to assist Ian with exchanging the Flat head side valve V8 with a 2-speed auto gearbox with an overhead Valve V8 engine, and a 4-speed manual gearbox.  Graham chief mechanic and technical advisor, and others to assist, Derrick, Graham, Dickie.  My help with body modifications and a little painting. Not the bloody wall, Thanks.

Gather around lads for the exchange

Ian found the Customline had the air of an old man’s car, a mature gentleman, which allowed him the freedom to speed around the city and suburbs without a worry. The ride is a little soft, allowing the car to float like a fast-cruising luxury yacht.

With a surf rack, it was a Luxury Surfchaser, although not so good on the beach sand.

Gather around Lads we need a bit of a push. eh, lift, Pondalowie Bay
Ok on the hard stuff at Pondalowie Bay

Graham married Robin he needed a suitable limousine for the Honeymoon, his MG TF would not quite be right for the adventure, swapped with Ian’s Customline.

Graham and Robin set off on the Honeymoon in traditional style
Surfing was the main aim of the fords travelers, also providing a comfy seat for young ‘Elbows’
“Bubblegum” to that says, Helen
A surf chaser for ‘Hairy chested, make that Bare-chested MEN

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