A Life In Cars

The life story of Dickie Sutherland

Just like Dad’s ute, here I was pulling the trike around behind my pedal car.


The beginning of my passion

The earliest photos of me show an old-style tricycle I enjoyed, along with a much-loved pedal car.

I can remember having an old-styled tricycle that I enjoyed for my sixth birthday.  It had a big front wheel, with pedals directly driving that front wheel. 

I recall that I always wanted a tricycle with a chain drive to the rear wheels.  The chain drive was “the one to have”. 

Like many kids, I was never just “satisfied with what I got”.

Long before I was born, in about 1940, this photo was taken of Dad, Barbara, Donald, Leonie the Dog and that trike.

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Without the spare money and time to indulge my passoin for Sporting cars and the needs of the family a Hobby that combine racing cars, pulling things apart, inovation and rebuilding without a big budget twelth sacle electric cars were the go.
Weekend away, unexpected rides in unexpected cars.