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Home Servicing – Morris and FJ Holden

Frinds who dislayed a certain Ingeniousessity with car maintenance

Morris Minor and FJ, introducing Home Servicing by Dyke.

Dyke with his can-do attitude has achieved quite a few automotive feets (not an intentional pun) in his lifetime.  Very notable story he related to me back in 1967, the time he refurbished the Big End bearing in his Morris Minor. 

Our good friend Graham pass on some, very wise words of wisdom, needed for the repair of the big end bearing.  Big End bearings are required for the Crankshaft to rotate and supply just enough Oil. But in time they wear out.  Graham suggested to Dyke the bearings could be shimmed up to tighten, thus reducing excessive oil flow. 

The Morris Minor Photo from an 8mm movie film (Blurred to protect the Innocent)

Dyke duly obtained shim brass and packed the bearing out with said brass shim.  Once the engine was back together, upon the first press of the start button, nothing happened.  It appears the shims were a little tight. Believing the battery may be low on power he hooked up a tow rope and with the help of a friend Graham towed the Minor out onto the road. At about 20mph, Dyke dropped the clutch! Locking the back wheel up, then skidding to a halt.  The shims were a little too tight.

Dyke bought an FJ Holden, to he fitted suitable surf racks and a radio.  Dyke an Opal cutter by trade, used his extensive knowledge and skills to fit that radio.  Removing the Blanking plate top fit the Radio, he then needed to make a hole big enough to fit the Radio into the dash. Dyke went to his dad’s shed and selected the best tool, the only tool for the job, a set of Footprints.  Not the regular tool that I would expect he would use however Dyke with his usual enthusiasm soon had the opening needed to fit the radio.  Just by working the metal with the Footprints back and forward did he eventually create the exacting size opening for the radio.

FJ holden dash the Footprints, if you need that opening any bigger Dyke’s you Technician

Oh! Roof racks, quite straight-forward with a small Shifting spanner he had for Push-Bike maintenance.

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