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Checking out the Surf Chasers

In the early days of the Surfing craze Big old, cheap sedans with a multi board wrack were the must have transport.

Meanwhile back with the lads surfing was the go and check out the Surf Chasers!

Prior to my joining the Group

The boys needed a suitable Surf-Chaser for their weekend forage to the coast, the Surf was calling.

The Pipe Line Pirates.

Ian, Tony, Phill, Dyke, and Ralston had a nine surfboard wrack mounted on the roof of a Nash sedan,  Surf Chaser, nine board rack, Emblazoned on the sides, ‘Pipe Line Pirates’.

What’s in a name? Sadly get the wrong reaction from the rival contemporaries, one night after driving past a local dance venue for teenagers on North Terrace, the cry went out something to the sound of

‘Pipe Line Posers’. 

Acute embarrassment,  the order of the night, a new paint scheme for the Surf Chaser sought.

Hey, they had lots of fun dreaming of those adventures to be lived out there in the Surf.

The Nash finished its day on the side of Willunga Hill after putting a con rod thru the side of the engine block.  The boys left it in a farmer’s yard for quite a few months before toeing it away; replacement, a Plymouth sedan with a 6-board rack.

The Plymouth

With the new chaser, the next surfing safari was planned for Daly Heads, a place I had recently visited with Roger, I was asked to show the Group the way, yes I’m in. 

The Chaser, the Plymouth with a six-board wrack bolted right through the roof of the Plymouth’s was impressive. 

This first of many trips to Daly Heads Yorks Peninsula, this trip I had intended to travel with the lads, however when enquiring about the setting of time, Loon said “midnight”, hence when I turned up a Loon’s place on the dot I discovered the boys had left already.  I followed in my Mini, not the original plan a good move as it turned out. 

I managed to catch them by Port Wakefield and was invited to show them the way to Daly Heads. Well! That set the trend of taking the first turn-off out of Minlaton for Warooka and inevitably being one turn-off too soon and adding a mystery element of where the F are we tours. Finding the Heads require crossing a farmer’s field of wheat to the beach. After a great weekend camping and surfing, the Plymouth had gearbox trouble which restricted the return speed to 30mph, as I had a need to be back in Adelaide before the boys the Mini was the go-and-go I did.

Breakfast at Daily Heads Ralston, Ian in boot. Tony and Phill
Tony, Phill. Ralston. Dickie

The search was always on for a suitable Surf-Chaser.

There was a Hearse in the Croydon area, great space in the back for Surfboards but only 2 seaters. Poo

All board space has only 2 seats
(very near the type of Body they looked at)

Next, there was the Dodge, 1935 great looking car compact would be great but only a 4 seater very tight in the back seat. Poo Poo.

1935 Dodge sedan 4 seater just.

Then Derrick came up with the Surf-Chaser to drawl over the 1934 Plymouth in superb original condition, yes, please.

The Plymouth with surf rack, the boys contemplating whether to surf or not to surf that is the question
Derrick sitting between 1934 Plymouth and the Singer-Chev Graham in recovery

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