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Zephyr Mk I

Graham Zephyr MKI Surf-Chaser

Surfing Safari

Graham had a light blue Zephyr six.  The first time I sighted it was on a surfing trip to Yorke Peninsula.

The Zephyr with Exhaust box and pipe lashed to the surf rack

The Zephyr did a sterling job on the rough roads of the Peninsula.  Eventually, the after-market exhaust system did succumb to the raised center section of the tracks thru the farmland and corrugations of the graded dirt roads. 

From memory, Graham thinks he replaced the gearbox and a rear Axel and apart from poor synchro on first gear the Zephyr was fairly reliable.

The exhaust also fell off on a trip to Greenly Surf Carnival out of Port Lincoln and we came back at nite sounding like a track rod was broken. Sad end to a great car.

Trading the Zephyr only to see it shortly thereafter in a prominent position on South Road.  The Zephyr became the car people could look up to, a position of note, in fact, a higher position for a car painted yellow, displaying the strength of the British car, with an FJ and Morris Oxford balancing above, there out front of an Auto Wreckers on South Road.

The Zephyr splendid in Yellow

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