A Life In Cars

The life story of Dickie Sutherland


Cars influence on leisure in the 50’s

The car influenced leisure time by permitting South Australians to participate in more leisure activities, new activities such as Surfing, Car Trials, with more activities to do than previous generations. This was reflected by the steady decline in attendance at major football and cricket fixtures in the period from the 1950s: the decline was even sharper when attendance was calculated as a proportion of the rapidly increasing population

Port Wakefield Motor Racing 1958

Aston Martin DB2,  Bobby and I were there at Port Wakefield Motor Racing circuit in 1957, when Murray Hoffmann with his Aston Martin, pulled out the spare wheel, the tools, and the back seats and then went racing in the Aston Martin. 

What!  It had not occurred to me until then, everyday road cars can be a racing cars!  I thought racing cars were purpose-built, they looked like racing cars, open-wheelers or the cars raced at Rowley Park.  

MKI Aston Martin similar to Murray Hoffman’s

Well, the things you learn when out and about.  Little did I know, Aston Martins were sporting saloons, built with racing in mind.

Tom Hawkes, Allard J2, Collingrove Hillclimb, Angaston, SA,
The racing car speeds up a windy dirt road, onlookers in the background


Motorsports grew in popularity.

The Sporting Car Club of South Australia sponsored major events, including the Australian Hillclimb Championship which was first run at Collingrove in the Barossa Valley on 15 March 1952 and has been held annually ever since.

A motor racing circuit opened at Port Wakefield on 1 January 1953.

On 19 August 1961, a new circuit was opened on what had been the wartime aerodrome at Mallala; the Australian Grand Prix was run there on 7 October that year.

Port Wakefield, 1st January 1953 (Opening Meeting). In Race 2 (Scratch Race for Class B Cars), P Harrison (Dodge Special, 27) leads GW Patterson (Cooper Mk V, 500cc JAP, 21). Two large paint tins mark the bend, and the drivers are wearing protective visors and safety helmets

State Library of South Australia) B 70994/1: Port Wakefield, 1st January 1953 (Opening Meeting).
In Race 2 (Scratch Race for Class B Cars), 


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