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Checking out the new Hilux (L-R) Richard, Sarah, Carolyn & Nic


Adciv Hilux

One of the perks of working at Adciv with my cousin Grant, was the company car - a brand new Hilux

Not sure how it really came about, maybe it was the fact I undertook a Diploma of Project Management, but my cousin Grant offered me a job at his company Adciv.

I was to become a Project Manager, in Civil Engineering construction and I was a Landscape Architect for the Salisbury Council at the time. He would “teach me everything I knew” and soon enough I was enjoying the management side of construction.

Aside from a bump in wages (which would help me go on to afford my first house) the offer of a company car was a lucrative perk.

A brand new Toyota Hilux, which were very cool at the time.

Form single digits on the odometer, I put at least 130,000 kms on that thing over about 4 years.

I would drive all over the metropolitan area, from job site to job site. And recall one 24 hour period I did over 1000 kms to visit sites at Murray Bridge, Gawler, staying the night at Wallaroo and back to Murray Bridge the next day before returning home.

I quite enjoyed learning the back road between Murray Bridge and Gawler, and discovering the bakeries across SA as I moved from site to site.

There was also a time when, between myself and a colleague, we’d try to see who could get the most kilometres out of a tank of fuel and most litres used to fill her up again.

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