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The life story of Dickie Sutherland


Trip to Pondy

Pondy Surfs Flat Winter Daly Heads Shore break, really.

1970 a year of planning and saving for the ‘Big Over Seas Adventure’.

My best mate Darryl was now conscripted into the Army, he left his Morris Minor home, the Army bases were no place to leave your pride and joy out in the car park in the weather and vandalism.  I was looking after the Morris 1000 while getting my Mini ready for sale,  freeing up money for the planned  twelve months trip overseas starting in October

Morris Minor 1000

Life at home went on, the boys had arranged a surfing trip to Pondy, Ian (Loon) drove his Ford Falcon Panel van, ‘Surf Chaser’, taking Trevor, and Grant with him, and I drove the Morris Minor 1000, taking Dyke and Jimmy with me.

Falcon Panel Van Surf-Chaser

The weather was cold we met up at the Cavan to fill up, Mileage 92084 ½ a tank of fuel to start.  10 pm we were off.

11 pm Pt Wakefield (Loon bought petrol for the big Falcon for $7.10)

Morris Minor, 92132 4 ¾ $ 2.23-pint oil 60c Stenhouse Bay 2.09 a.m.

11.40 a.m. Stenhouse Petrol – (Loon) $3.40

Stenhouse Petrol 4 ½ (Dick) $2.22  Miles 92262 29 mpg

In our haste to pack provisions, we had forgotten the Tomato Sauce!  Bottle of Sauce (Dick $2.50) Milk (condensed) Trevor 26c

Ardrossan 3pm 92395 $2.30 (Loon) $4.50

No Surf what else is there to do?

The surf was flat, just a shore break, during the day we drove around to various places with no improvement in the surf.  We visited the pubs as we passed through Warooka.  At our campsite in the sand dunes we played football then that night we cooked on a campfire and slept under the stars in sleeping bags.

Bogged ‘no-way’

The general spend $4.00 each, the general comment, ‘a great weeeeeekend’.

The Morris Minor did a splendid job averaging around 30mpg

End mileage 92476 392 miles round trip.

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