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The first time the HR was “Wedding Clean” with the newly weds sitting in the back


HR Wedding Cars

One of my good mates was due to get married and the HR was to be his wedding car.

A surfing mate, Dan Smith, was making plans for his wedding and simply couldn’t go past the HR as his dream wedding car. We’d been down the coast a few times and the HR was a bit of a legend around our group. So he’d put it on me to arrange the wedding cars.

My cousin Grant, had an EJ Holden at the time. So I kinda knew I had one Holden up my sleeve but I was on the look out for at least one more.

One evening, I was driving down Port Road and I spotted a HR Wagon in the median strip just opposite City Mazda. There was a building there with some old netball courts or something, and it was used by various clubs for their home base.

As it turned out, the owner of the wagon was the sitting President of the FX – HZ Holden Car Club. A very nice guy called Dave Baldwin who was more than willing to help.

“I actually have 3 HR’s” he said upon asking if he’d help out with a wedding. The light blue wagon, a white X2 Premier and an ex-cop ute.

With Dad in Grants EJ and Dave & his mate driving two of his HR’s, we pulled chauffeured the wedding party around Glenelg and Somerton Park looking a million dollars.

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