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Bruce the Series 3 RX7 Limited sitting in the car park near work


Bruce the RX7

Soon after selling the HR Holden, Nic found that the cash was burning a hole in his pocket and his dream car came up for sale.

In 2016, Jenna and I were seriously thinking about a move overseas. With a heavy heart, the HR Holden has been sold to a Launceston man and the cash was still burning a hole in my pocket.

I had considered giving it back to Dad as a 70th Birthday present and “Thanks” for the HR but that wasn’t to be.

Trawling through Car Sales as you do, a two-tone grey, Mazda RX7 appeared in Sandy Bay – just down the road. With cash in hand, I test drove the car and made a deal with the elderly owner Glenny (who was a bit of a Mazda tragic).

She had named the car Bruce… (to be continued).

Without really getting Jenna’s permission, I brought the RX7 home and enjoyed about 3 or 4 months of owning my dream car, selling it to Louis in Melbourne before moving to live in Norway in 2017.

Louis still has the RX7 and he’s put a modern, turbo motor in the car; seriously investing in a heap of upgrades to the drivetrain as well.

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