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The black Astra parked at a local photo spot


Astra CD

As the Lancer started to show its age, The Bank of Mum & Dad helped me order a brand new Astra - the practical choice for a young professional.

Soon after Dad bought his first brand new car, it was seemingly my turn.

The old Mitsubishi Lancer was really starting to show its age, with 330,000 km on the clock the clutch was slipping to no end. So with the “Bank of Mum and Dad” behind me, I started shopping around for a car.

It was to be the AH Astra, around about 2006 and I was in my final year of Uni.

It was the practical, fuel efficient choice. It would get me from West Lakes, to Salisbury Council (where I was working at the time) and into the city to footy training with a frugal 1.6 L, 4 cylinder.

It was the era of MP3 players and I recall spending quite a bit of time trying to program CD’s to hold a larger volume of music that could be played if the formatting was done just right.

It was black, of course.

Over about 2 or 3 years the Astra served me quite well, racking up about 35,000 kms as my daily driver in tandem with the HR Holden and still living at home under the watchful eye of Mum and Dad.

In about mid 2008, I sold the Astra privately, as I had acquired a company car through Adciv and moved out of home – making it unnecessary to have 3 cars. Ha ha.

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