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Freshly detailed and ceramic coated, looking brand new


A4 Wagon

Finding the Prado to big around town, Jenna and I decided to downsize to a sport wagon that would satisfy all needs.

After returning to Hobart in 2020 with the Prado, we’re starting to find it was quite thirsty and very large to drive around town. And I of course, was still trying to scratch my sports car itch.

The Prado was great and took us off road and around Australia, but the pull of a sporty Audi was too strong. It satisfied our need for a family car, whilst offering 2 litres of turbo, all-wheel-drive power to run through the mountains (on the odd occasion).

The 1-owner A4 came from a dealership in Melbourne with low 40,000 kms and offered a lot of technology for a 2016 built car. My first set of 19″ wheels, 360 cameras, auto park, paddle shift auto. A car I had only swooned over and never really thought I could afford.

Pictured in Mount Stuart, side by side with Carolyn’s Veloster (visiting on a road trip down to Tassie).

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