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The life story of Dickie Sutherland


Darryl had completed his National Service and returned to his previous employer at Woodville North, in the meanwhile I had set off overseas on the World Tour.  Darryl related stories of his Morris Minor and the Supercharger. 

Readying the Mini Van for sale, back to standard by removing the Supercharger, Darryl was OK with me attempting to fit the Supercharger to the Morris Minor.  My efforts were diligent, however, the mounting arrangement placed the Supercharger on the opposite side of the motor than Mini’s mounting, and the resulting effect meant the gas was not being compressed as required.  The splendid effort the car was driveable but had no additional power.

Darryl had wanted to see how the Morris Minor 1000 (1310cc) would perform. He was impressed with the Mini Van when he was on leave one time. Being a Motor Mechanic extraordinaire he reworked the induction manifold to mount to the fitted Supercharger, and replaced the Holley with his Webber twin choke side draught carby. 

The story goes, the night out with friend Laurie, a challenged by a chap in a Ford GT.  The FordGT was developed to win Bathurst, arguably, the first of the Aussie icon Muscle cars.  Well what could the lad do, Laurie said he was a bit hopeful, the boys put their boots into it and the Falcon was found a bit wanting. 

So much for the muscle of the V8 GT.

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